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The premium scooter tyre ContiScoot, which has been fully redesigned from the beginning, has inherited lots of features from the motorcycle tyre family – including the same tread pattern as test winner ContiRoadAttack 3 – and offers excellent handling in wet weather. It demonstrates the full extent of its maneuverability and comfort in the urban jungle and its outstanding tire life makes it a true companion even on long cross-country trips.

MITAS TOURING FORCE SC -  urban scooter tyre for a short city trip or for longer journeys. The TOURING FORCE-SC line is ideal for any scooter type and will be available in a wide range of sizes from 10 to 16 inches. 

Ksenija Bitenc, Director of Mitas Motorcycle Tires and Tubes, says: “TOURING FORCE-SC combines all the expertise we have acquired through the development of high performance radial motorcycle tires and our involvement in scooter racing. As a result, TOURING FORCE-SC provides to all scooter riders and their passengers, safe, dynamic and comfortable riding, whether during a short city trip or for longer journeys as well.”


Bridgestone has applied the new Battlax Sport-Touring T31 wet technology to SC2 Rain, giving maxi scooter riders a safe, confident ride in changeable weather. Wet performance is enhanced by the higher void ratio in a tread design tuned to balance straight-line stability and sharp handling response. New rubber compounds have been developed offering an exceptional grip feel on cold and wet surfaces.  BRIDGESTONE SC 2

Mounted on Pirelli’s new DIABLO ROSSO™ Scooter tyres, the Benelli model 491 scooter with custom graphics by Aldo Drudi, was carefully prepared by Bologna-based performance company, Malossi, using their 50, 85 and 100cc RC-one engine configurations further enhanced by famous two-stroke guru, Jörg Möller.

he passionate mastermind behind the “Bologna to Bonneville” project, Engineer Fabio Fazi, rode the Malossi-powered Benelli to the first two records achieved onSunday, 27 Augustin the 50cc category. Fazi, who is an FIM Bureaux Technical Commission member and a proud affiliate of the Moto Club Benelli, reached a top speed of 114.823 km/h (71.347 mph) across 1 kilometer and 71.294 mph (114.737 km/h) across 1 mile, both speeds representing an average of two runs in both directions.

Scooter tyres test


The rubber road test

In the latest issue March 2017 of  the magazin SCOOTERING.COM you can find a scooter tyres test.
They have tested 6 differen tyres on a Lambretta.

"... It goes without saying that tyres are a critical component, after allthey are what provides the grip whichkeeps our beloven machines upright. Therefore, I have compiled an informative and balaced comparason of some of the newest tyres on the market."

You can download the full article as PDF for 3,99 £ >>



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DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER, on the other hand, is inspired by the DIABLO™ family DNA, specifically the DIABLO ROSSO™ line which represents the Pirelli supersport tyre range. This tyre also takes its tread pattern from another pillar in the Pirelli range, the DIABLO ROSSO™ III which made its début this year, immediately gaining popularity among bikers all over the world.

Just as DIABLO ROSSO™ III redefined the concept of sport riding in the motorcycle world, taking it to a new level, DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER represents the new frontier for high performance scooters thanks to grip, unprecedented handling and consistent performance, characteristics to make the daily ride more pleasant and satisfying, regardless of the environment.

Pirelli is pleased to present the new 2017 Scooter Range which from January, will introduce two new products onto the market, ANGEL™ SCOOTER and DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER. These will be available with a complete range of sizes, and will progressively replace and expand the current DIABLO™ SCOOTER model during the course of next year.

ANGEL™ SCOOTER and DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER represent the direct movement of two historic Pirelli tyre families into the world of scooters. ANGEL™ and DIABLO™ families, from which they maintain the typical characteristics and distinctive traits, for users with varying needs and on different types of scooters. 



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IRC Urban Snow SN-26


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Bridgestone has added the Ecopia low-rolling-resistance tyre to the Battlax SC line-up for maxi scooters. The new Battlax SC Ecopia provides a maintained high-level handling, stability, wear life and comfort as the standard Battlax SC, but with the advantage of greater fuel efficiency due to improvements in rolling resistance of 15%.

“With the new Battlax SC Ecopia, riders of maxi scooters can save fuel but still have total confidence and enjoy the ride” says Vincent Van Houtte, Senior Manager Motorcycle Tyre Products, Bridgestone Europe.

Heidenau extends its range by new models and dimensions.
The new tyres are the Scooter sport tyre, the all rounder #K66 and of course the #K66Snowtex winter tyre.
The K66 is a modern all round tyre for daily use with balanced performance on wet and dry roads. By the open profile design the tyre provides superior water drainage on wet roads. The K66 also offers superb grip on dry roads, especially on slippery road surfaces the open tread blocks offer higher level safety.

The K66 Snowtex combines the characteristics of the K66 profile with the advantages of a high-quality silica rubber compound. This, and special textile fibres in the compound maximize grip under winter conditions and at temperatures below 7°C. So the K66 Snowtex provides outstanding traction and high safety reserves on the cold season of the year. 

Following a long period of development and extensive test cycles, they will be available in 160/60 -14 (65H) TL dimensions.
For the front, we will also offer both profiles in size 120/70 -15 (56H) TL.

So it will soon be possible to equip maxi-scooters such as Suzuki Burgman 650, Gilera Nexus 500 or Kymco MyRoad 700, with tires from the Saxony manufactory.

Heidenau K 81


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Mitas will also introduce new sizes of tyres for scooters. The new dimensions of MC38 MAX SCOOT, the front option for Honda new scooter models Vision and NSC, are 80/90 -14 (40P) and 80/90 -16 (45P)

Grippy compound:
New multi-functional compound has been developed to improve a dry and wet road grip
Owing to its special composition the compound quickly warms up to an optimum working temperature and provides for a road grip in all conditions and on various surfaces
The compound in combination with a rigid and stable carcass  assures  a longer service life of a tyre
All components are well blended thanks to a special mixing procedure. Well-blended components assure a homogenous compound, tyre structure and shape, which further results in a lower rolling resistance and fuel consumption.

120/70 -12 REINF. 58P TL
130/70 -12 REINF. 62P TL
80/90 -14 40P TL
90/90 -14 46P TL
100/90 -14 57P TL
120/80 -14 58S TL
140/60 -14 REINF. 64S TL
140/70 -14 REINF. 68S TL
120/70 -15 56S TL
80/90 -16 45P TL
100/80 -16 50P TL
110/70 -16 52P TL
120/80 -16 60P TL
130/70-16 61P TL
140/70-16 65P TL

Bias / Bias Belted vs Radial


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Continental is presenting its new all-season ContiMove365 scooter tyre. ContiMove 365 achieves an astonishing balancing act between summer and winter tires with a particularly innovative tread design. Pairs of deep sipes provide a safe grip – also on snow-covered roads. The wide drainage grooves guarantee optimal water displacement to ensure control of the scooter even in heavy rain.

With its M+S designation, the Continental tire is officially approved for winter use in compliance with German road traffic regulations.

The Sportsman from Schwalbe is the first sport touring scooter tire with dual-compound. It makes the sporty all-rounder durable with excellent cornering grip- contradictory properties that are not achieved with only one compound at this high level.

Schwalbe designed the Sportsman in the size 3.50-10 for classic scooters - some for Lambretta and Vespa - as they are popular, especially in England. But the all-round tire is of course for all scooters of this size.