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Scooter tyres test

Scooter tyres test


The rubber road test

In the latest issue March 2017 of  the magazin SCOOTERING.COM you can find a scooter tyres test.
They have tested 6 differen tyres on a Lambretta.

"... It goes without saying that tyres are a critical component, after allthey are what provides the grip whichkeeps our beloven machines upright. Therefore, I have compiled an informative and balaced comparason of some of the newest tyres on the market."

You can download the full article as PDF for 3,99 £ >>

" City Grip M+S ...these were probably the real surprise of all tyres I tried. ...good profil and they really did hold the road fantastically well. ... Normaly a tyre with such good performance you'd expect the wear rate to be high, but this wasn't the case. After almost 3000 hard miles, they still had a little life time in then!  Grip handling and wear rate were excelent."

" ...whatever the weather though, I have always found this tyres consistantly good in a variety of conditions.Ther tread profile dose not lend itself well to percise an effective cornering performance when you're in hurry. Thankfully, even in wet and generally slippery conditions they remain reasonably grippy and inspire a certain degree of confidence that you're not going to come a cropper any time soon. These are a well balenced optionn.

heidenau K 61HEIDENAU K 61
"... the performance didn't really compensate for the rate of the wear either. In the dry they were more then respectable, but genarally not so good in anything less then perfect conditions. If it was wet then it almost felt as if my frame was bent ad the front of my Lambretta was trying to go somewhere different from the rear. So overall I'd say perfect for the Sunday sports riders out for a dry-blast, but not recommended for the  serious all-weather rally goer."

" ... I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of the Dunlops. They didn't cause much concern in wet, and hadeled well in advers conditions. The only slight negative was that the rear tyre wore a tiny bit faster than I would have liked. Overall, I'd say these are good tyres witch handeled well whatever conditions you end up riding through, with average wear patterns."

MITAS MC-32 -         " ... Good wear pattern, average handling, outstanding in adverse weather conditions."

SIP PERFORMER  -  " ...The most atractive thing of this tyres is the price; in comparison to the others tried here they are                                        unbeliveable value."

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