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racing tyres ContiRaceAttack Slick at the start


The new ContiRaceAttack Slick represents the next stage for Continental Motorcycle Tyres in building up its racing tyre program. The Slick tyres developed for ambitious amateurs but also for professionals complete the successful, sporty ContiRaceAttack family of tyres. The new profile-less sports tyre is manufactured in many different compound versions including the currently unique size with a 60 cross-section for the rear wheel.
The new ContiRaceAttack Slick comes with the same features as the ContiRaceAttack Comp. which has established itself on the market for some time now and is internationally successful. It was particularly developed for the Supersport and Stocksport classes and offers the high performance features which also distinguish the profiled variants: A zero-degree-steel band at the front and rear, black-chili rubber compound and “Continuous Compound” technology. One very new feature is the special rear wheel contour with the 60 cross-section which, above all, ensures enormous grip and even better thrust forward thanks to the increased contact area. The front wheel variants, compared with the competition model, have received a new contour. Furthermore a lot of weight has been lost on the front wheel in order to further optimize handling and feedback. 

The ContiRaceAttack Slick is available immediately in two compounds at the front – Soft and Medium – as well as in the compounds for the rear – Soft, Medium and Endurance, whereby the last option is not only suitable for long-distance running but also, above all, should be suitable for engaged hobby pilots who need a tyre which can also withstand many days of racing training at a high level.
120/70 R 17 TL Slick Soft 
120/70 R 17 TL Slick Medium
180/55 R 17 TL Soft * 
180/55 R 17 TL Medium 
180/55 R 17 TL Endurance
190/60 R 17 TL Soft * 
190/60 R 17 TL Medium 
190/60 R 17 TL Endurance
* in preparation