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Eye catcher with a message - ContiRaceAttack Custom Chopper tyres 240/40ZR18


With the new ContiRaceAttack Custom, Continental presents a wide high-performance tyre for custom bikes. The new tyre, in 240mm form, not only excels with its attractive design, its modern zero-degree belt and a sporting rubber CCT compound – Continuous Compound Technology – but is also the lightest of its size and one of the first wide rear tyre for motorcycles to have a speed index of over 270kph.
The motorcycle division at Continental broadens its range with a very special tyre for very special motorcycles. The attractive high-performance wide tyre in the size 240/40 ZR 18 is specially developed for the world-wide growing segment of custom specials.  Cruisers, choppers, muscle bikes, streetfighters or stretched sports bikes – anyone modifying a bike going for a proper wide-tyre look will find the perfect presentation with the Conti Custom but can also rely on a convincing performance in all situations.

Custom bikes are usually powerful, big-capacity bikes, capable of extreme performance, even if these take place in short bursts. The show factor is mainly the most important point. To get a powerful look and a tread design transmitting dynamic forces even standing still were important during the conception. But at the same time Conti’s technicians used all their know-how to guarantee future buyers of the ContiRaceAttack Custom tyre performance above the average.
No compromises were allowed in the design of the ContiRaceAttack Custom. The rubber compound Black Chilli, already proven on sports bikes, gives high grip on dry and wet roads and also good grip even when the tyres are initially cold. A modern belt design with a zero-degree belt gives stability at all speeds, high mechanical grip and a finely-tuned comfort. Less wear is guaranteed by the genial Continuous Compound Technology. This manufacturing process, with various temperature ranges, makes variable grip factors possible, using only one compound. Softer on the flanks, harder in the centre, with a variable transition between them – perfectly combining sporting qualities in corners with a high overall mileage.
Extremely wide, with an extravagant tread pattern – calling the ContiRaceAttack Custom an eye-catcher is no exaggeration. A greater slick area on the sides and a sparse but forceful tread design are elements taken from the RaceAttack sports tyres and underline the functionally sporting message. What you can’t see, though, is noticed in a positive way through better grip and improved control: The RaceAttack Custom is the lightest 240 wide tyre on the market. This reduces rotational force and also the unsprung weight – both help improve handling and riding dynamics. Last, but not least, the RaceAttack Custom is one of the first tyres in this size, intended for sports specials, to have a speed index of over 270kph, giving the rider safety reserves in hand.
Complementing the ContiRaceAttack Custom for the rear wheel there is also a 120/70 ZR 17 size front tyre to allow for a harmonious balance, good grip and superb feedback. This tyre, too, has a zero-degree belt. The special profile with a wide contact patch in corners guarantees more grip and precise handling.
Other front tyre sizes, currently being developed, have different belt constructions. The versions in 19inch sizes will have a radial Kevlar construction, whereas the 21-inchers will be diagonals.
The ContiRaceAttack Custom in the size 240/40 ZR 17 will fit all custom bikes with a wheel rim size of 8 inches. This includes all Harley Davidson V-Rods (including the special models) and also the brand new V-Rod Muscle. It can also be mounted on rims up to 9 inches wide. Customisers and specials builders will be happy to hear that the new star on the wide-tyre market is available from October 2008, as is the 120/70 ZR 17 front tyre. The other versions in the sizes 19 and 21 inches are in development.
120/70 ZR 19 M/C (60W) TL*
90/90 - 21 M/C 54H TL*
120/70 – 21 M/C 62V TL*
240/40 ZR 18 M/C (79W) TL
* available shortly
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