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whitewall scooter tyres from Schwalbe


Classic Scooters are experiencing a revival: The most popular models of 2008 took their cue from the 50’s. To perfect the look just add the new whitewall scooter tires from Schwalbe.  Just like the petticoat whitewall tires are a product of the 50’s and sales figures show that this ‘Retro look’ is now booming with consumers: Scooters that resemble the iconic Vespa GT were the most popular in 2008.

However, the very latest in tire technology is hidden behind Schwalbe’s whitewalls. Schwalbe has produced its all-weather Weatherman tire in six sizes of whitewall. A Silica Compound (DSC) with serrated shoulder blocks provide outstanding safety and grip on cold, wet streets, yet even in warm conditions wear remains low. The classic Scooter tread, HS 243, is also available in two whitewall sizes.

„We used a Vespa GTV to present our whitewall tyres – Vespa’s 60th anniversary model – at the Intermot show in Cologne. Specialist dealers, wholesalers and consumers alike were all impressed with the result”, reported Schwalbe Product Manager Marcus Lambertz.

available Mai 2009

3.00-10; 3.50-10 (HS243)
3.50-10; 100/80-10; 120/70 -10; 110/70-11; 120/70-12; 130/70-12 (Weatherman).