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Bridgestone Introduces the BATTLAX SPORT TOURING T30 Series of Motorcycle Tires

Bridgestone Corporation today announced the February 1, 2013 global sales launch*1 of the BATTLAX SPORT TOURING T30 - a series of radial motorcycle sport touring tires. The series will be marketed in 10 sizes for front use and 13 sizes for rear use.

The Bridgestone BATTLAX SPORT TOURING T30 is a premium brand steeped in technology refined through the company's development of MotoGP race tires, and is designed for use on medium- to large-size motorcycles. Designed for smooth handling and rider enjoyment, the series will feature new patterns and a new compound ( Front only). The tires are designed for optimum road "hugging" properties and rigidity, together with enhanced lightness, "line" tracing, dry grip and other handling characteristics.

The BATTLAX series of on-road motorcycle tires is used in the FIM Road Racing World Championship MotoGP Class for which Bridgestone is an official supplier. The BATTLAX series features an extensive lineup that includes touring to racing patterns for use on small to large-size motorcycles.

Through the BATTLAX series and the company's other extensive lineup of motorcycle tires, Bridgestone continues to provide quality high performance motorcycle tires to the steadily growing ranks of riders.



Technology Adopted & Product Characteristics
(1) New Compound Used In Front Tires

Bridgestone's extensive experience in the high performance sport of MotoGP led to the development of RC polymers (MC tire use), a compound that builds on the company's exclusive "NanoPro-Tech"*1 technology. This revolutionary technology delivers improved grip and performance in actual use temperature applications.

*1: "NanoPro-Tech" is the collective name for the technology of working through molecular structure design and other means to exercise control over the fine structure of materials and generate required properties. It is an exclusive Bridgestone technology.

Japan sales launch from February 1, 2013. Successive marketing to follow in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Oceania and other regions. 

Availble size:

110/70 ZR 17 BRIDGESTONE T30
120/60 ZR 17 BRIDGESTONE T30
120/70 ZR 17 BRIDGESTONE T30
150/70 ZR 17 BRIDGESTONE T30
160/60 ZR 17 BRIDGESTONE T30
160/70 ZR 17 BRIDGESTONE T30
170/60 ZR 17 BRIDGESTONE T30
180/55 ZR 17 BRIDGESTONE T30
190/50 ZR 17 BRIDGESTONE T30
190/55 ZR 17 BRIDGESTONE T30
110/80 ZR 18 BRIDGESTONE T30
120/70 ZR 18 BRIDGESTONE T30
160/60 ZR 18 BRIDGESTONE T30
110/80 ZR 19 BRIDGESTONE T30

120/70 ZR 17 BRIDGESTONE T30 "GT"
120/70 ZR 18 BRIDGESTONE T30 "GT"

170/60 ZR 17 BRIDGESTONE T30 "GT"
180/55 ZR 17 BRIDGESTONE T30 "GT"

"GT" Sizes are spec (heavy vehicle specialized tuning specs), with front tires developed with a structure differing from standard product patterns. The rear tires also differ in structure in much the same way. For large-size touring motorcycles and other heavy-duty models using pannier cases (saddlebag-like carrying cases placed over sides of motorcycles), the result is improved handling, lightness and loading stabilit.  like the new  BMW R1200 GS - 2013

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