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DUNLOP Slick KR 106 / KR108


Dunlop’s multiple championship winning KR106 (front) and KR108 (rear) competition tyres are now on general release to amateur racers and track day enthusiasts.

Designed exclusively for racetrack use by Dunlop Motorsport’s research and development department, these professional slicks are available in a range of compounds for different track conditions and riding styles.Now adopted by the majority of Dunlop shod race teams, the KR106/KR108 slick combination offers racers the highest levels of grip, braking and handling. The absence of tread allows optimum performance at higher temperatures as the exterior rubber adheres more actively to the track surface.

 Featured technologies:

NTEC: Dunlop’s innovative system that allows riders to lower their tyre pressure for ultimate grip in track conditions, while maintaining tyre stability. The pressure can be lowered to as little as 1.0 bar on the rear tyre producing a wider footprint, which means more grip and traction.

Multi-Tread (MT) Compound Technology: in order to obtain the same high level of braking stability & reactiveness with all compounds MT is applied on the rear tyre and compounds 1 & 2 on the front tyre. The centre compound provides improved braking, traction and stability when riding in an upright position, while the side compound provides great cornering grip.

Next generation JointLess Belt (JLB) technology: ensures straight braking and high-speed stability, thanks to belt-to-carcass angles that are engineered to stabilise the sidewalls. It is ideal for fast turning and accurate line holding in the most extreme lean angles.

Jointless Tread (JLT): this strip-winding technology allows multiple compounds to be precisely positioned on the tyre to achieve advantages in durability, wear resistance, grip from the tread centre to shoulder and high-speed tyre stability.

Dunlop Slick KR 106 / 108 are available in folowing size >>