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New season. New tyres. From road to trail, a new set of Dunlop tyres underneath you means all the confidence and grip you need to enjoy the thrill of the ride.
And all with £40 cashback. Visit to find out more.

The promotion applies to the SportSmart Mk3 and SportSmart TT hypersport tires, the RoadSmart IV sport touring tire, the Trailmax MERIDIAN travel enduro tire and the MUTANT crossover tire.

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Avon Tyres, one of the most traditional tire brands in the motorcycle industry, will receive a new focus as part of the Goodyear brand group. After integration in 2022, Goodyear is looking positively towards the future with a renewed approach for the Avon brand.

With Avon and Dunlop, Goodyear now has two motorcycle tire brands in its portfolio, offering European motorcycle riders an even more comprehensive range in all segments of the motorcycle tire market. The popular tire profiles Cobra Chrome (custom tire) and Roadrider MKII (diagonal touring tire) remain part of the Avon motorcycle tire range, which has now been more focused and makes a meaningful addition to the Dunlop motorcycle tire product lineup.

In addition, Avon will continue to produce the existing profiles 3D Supersport (hypersport tire), Spirit ST (sport touring tire), Streetrunner (diagonal tire), Trailrider and Trekrider (adventure touring tires), Safety Mileage MKII and Speedmaster MKII (classic tire), as well as the Viper Stryke (scooter tire). This focused approach ensures that fans of the Avon motorcycle tire brand can continue to access the most popular products in the future.

The long-term Goodyear strategy for both motorcycle tire brands is to utilize the motorcycle competence center in Montlucon, France to drive the development of both brands forward. In Montlucon, many of the premium motorcycle tires of the Dunlop brand, as well as the racing tires for the Moto2 World Championship™ and the Endurance World Championship (EWC), are developed and produced.


In MOTORRAD (issue 07/2023), sport and sport-touring motorbike tyres were tested on the KTM 390 DUKE in the dimensions 110/70 R17 and 150/60 R17.

Three manufacturers received the test rating "very good" BRIDGESTONE S22, METZELER M9 RR, MICHELIN ROAD 6

One manufacturer received a "good" DUNLOP GPR 300

Two have to be content with a "satisfactory".  CONTINENTAL CONTIMOTION CHENG SHIN CST CM-615 CM-616

How MOTORRAD tests

A quick tyre test on a country road? Not conceivable! Such tests are only seriously feasible on specially designed test tracks of the tyre industry. In this case, we were able to use the premises of the Japanese manufacturer Bridgestone in Nettuno (near Rome). For the asphalt test, we used the 2.2 km long "Carrera track" with many bends, for the wet test we used the permanently watered, 1.6 km long handling track. These criteria are the focus of the MOTORRAD evaluation:

  • Manoeuvrability the steering force to bring the bike into a leaning position and keep it in line in alternating curves.
  • Limit behaviour* ... stands for the controllability of the tyre at the limit. Tests on wet and dry roads.
  • Steering precision* ... in passages of varying speed with complicated curve radii. Provides information on whether the motorbike follows the desired course, which is determined by the steering forces, or whether significant line corrections are required.
  • Cornering stability ...tests rocking in (alternating) curves and on bumps. Tested in different modes and when accelerating at an angle.
  • Straight-line stability ... is tested at high speed. Does the motorbike remain stable on course, or does oscillation interfere with the ride?
  • Acceleration grip* ...refers to lateral control and power transmission in fast corners (wet/dry).
  • Suspension* ... is the lateral control at maximum lean angle (wet/dry). A tightrope walk that is only possible on a closed track.
  • Set-up torque ... refers to the motorbike's set-up when braking in a leaned position. This reaction must be compensated for with a counterforce (pushing) at the inner end of the handlebars.
  • Filling pressures**: Road / wet (v/h): 2.0/2.2 bar.

*Sections marked with an asterisk are transferable to motorbikes that have a similar geometry to the KTM 390 Duke. **Indicated is the price range for a set of tyres (front/rear) in the tested version in common tyre online shops, as of 1 March 2023.


BRIDGESTONE S22 - "Conclusion: The Bridgestone S 22 is a sports tyre that shines in this test above all with its excellent everyday qualities. Perfect handling is joined by 1a rain qualities with the best braking values in the test."

METZELER M9 RR - Verdict: "Sportiness in sun and rain - the Metzeler is a recommendation for cornering junkies, whatever the weather. For a sports tyre, a very unusual and, in this test, very impressive combination."

MICHELIN ROAD 6 - Verdict: "The bottom line is that the Michelin offers a very balanced package for everyday riding. Beginners who ride their 125 or 48 hp bike year-round will quickly come to appreciate the Road 6's good-natured characteristics."

DUNLOP GPR 300 - Conclusion: "With the Dunlop, an entry-level bike like the 390 KTM in this test clearly gains in sportiness. Even in the rain, the GPR-300 delivers enough grip to push around corners with decent confidence."

CONTINENTAL CONTIMOTION - Conclusion: "In good weather, the ContiMotion is really fun on country roads, even if they are small and winding, and leaves a good impression. In the rain, its restrained grip quickly makes it lack confidence."

CHENG SHIN CST CM-615 CM-616 - "Conclusion: Fair-weather riders on 125s won't feel any shortcomings, but in the rain you quickly reach the CST's limit. On bikes in the 48 hp class, however, the tyre is not a recommendation on dry or wet asphalt."

The entire tyre test can be reordered as a print edition or PDF here.

Also in the next issue there will be a test and technical analysis tyre wear. Which factors are decisive for outstanding mileage?

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2023 Metzeler Promotion

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Mitas is expanding its SPORT FORCE+ RS tire range with larger sizes.

Expected to hit the market in April 2023, the additional sizes, 120/70ZR17, 180/55ZR17 and 190/55ZR17, expand the range to a total of six sizes.


A new tubeless version will be available in 2023 from the MITAS SW-07 SPEEDWAY wich was presented last year.
Marked with two orange stripes for better differentiation.

03/13/2022 Mitas introduces a new version of the MITAS SW-07 SPEEDWAY tire, one of the tires most commonly used by speedway racers all over the world. The most advanced speedway tire Mitas has ever made, it is specifically designed for the highest level of competitive speedway racing.

A newly developed compound and construction for the SW-07 SPEEDWAY tire provides improved grip and footprint, delivering an extraordinary performance throughout the race. The new version is easily recognizable by an orange stripe marking on the tread pattern.

All the tire features of this new Mitas tire are strictly designed and implemented in accordance with International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) regulations and it can therefore be used in all races and championships under FIM.

Metzeler to be official tyre supplier for FIM Supermoto World and European Championship

The Metzeler tyre brand has been selected by XIEM as Official Tyre Supplier for the FIM Supermoto World and European Championship and for the FIM Supermoto of Nations. XIEM, the company that manages the television, marketing and promotional rights of these competitions, has chosen the German tyre brand as partner and sole supplier for the three-year period 2023-2025. All the teams and riders in the S1GP world category and the European S4 class, as well as in the competition for nations, will use Metzeler RACETEC SM tyres.

The MCE 6 Days Extreme product line for enduro competitions is enriched with the addition of the new rear specification in size 140/80–18 designed for the most difficult technical and environmental situations

MCE 6 Days Extreme, the Metzeler family of tires designed for enduro competitions, expands with the introduction of the new Extra Soft rear specification specially developed for extreme enduro races.

The new MCE 6 Days Extreme Extra Soft rear, in size 140/80–18 70M NHS, is a specialist tire suitable for one-day competitions and special stages. It features a tread compound designed to guarantee maximum performance in extreme conditions of use from both a technical and environmental point of view, therefore even with very low temperatures. Thanks to the high level of grip, the Extra Soft allows you to tackle even the most difficult obstacles and to restart easily even from a standstill, in the absence of a run-up. Furthermore, the very homogeneous overall deformation of the casing guarantees a good level of comfort and makes it an easy tire to use even for less experienced riders.

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Mitas announces a partnership with KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH to fit its ENDURO TRAIL PLUS tires to the new 2023 KTM 890 ADVENTURE R motorcycle. Following the Mitas TERRA FORCE-R on the 2021 KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S and Mitas E-07 on the 2019 KTM 690 ENDURO R, this is the third Mitas original equipment fitment approved by KTM.

The new 2023 KTM 890 ADVENTURE R is fitted with Mitas ENDURO TRAIL+ 90/90-21 54T TL front and 150/70B18 70T TL rear tires.

Mitas ENDURO TRAIL + represents the next generation of the E-07+ ENDURO TRAIL tread pattern. It was developed, tried and tested with the support of Mitas brand ambassador Chris Birch. Thanks to a new compound, enhanced construction and iconic tread pattern design, the Mitas ENDURO TRAIL+ ensures excellent off-road handling and responsiveness on rocky or gravel terrain, as well as comfort and stability on the road, while offering the best possible combination of wet and dry performance.

"Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. is introducing DUNLOP SPORTMAX Q-LITE, a versatile diagonal tire with high grip that can be used on a variety of racing tracks and roads starting in the 2023 season. Seven sizes are available.

The Dunlop SPORTMAX Q-LITE has a new design pattern related directly to the high-grip tire of the "Q-series," a single R-tread pattern, a high-grip mixture, and an optimal combination of structures to achieve sufficient grip performance for sporty driving and the road. It is a diagonal tire with a long lifespan. You can confidently drive in various driving situations, from cornering, touring, daily tours, and circuit courses.

Main features and representative technologies

Profil pattern that achieves high drainage performance and wear resistance Long grooves that penetrate the contact area at all lateral inclination angles, changing the angle from the center of the tread to the shoulder to achieve high drainage performance The groove form and angle are improved by wear simulation and enhanced durability by suppressing uneven wear Handling profile for gentle handling By using a single R-profile with a uniform curvature radius of the tread cross section and suppressing ground shape changes during turning, the control performance during turning is significantly improved compared to conventional products

  • With linear handling, we have achieved steering performance that allows you to move freely at any lateral inclination angle Newly developed high-grip carbon mixture By using a high-grip full carbon mixture, it supports driving on circuit courses with high grip performance that shows itself over a wide range from the road to corners. In addition, the structure is tuned according to size to optimize stiffness.

Available in Japan in 2022, probably not available in Europe until 2023."

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  • Continental is developing a complete hardware and software platform for always-on connectivity in motorcycles
  • In the future, motorcycle manufacturers will be able to offer riders their own services much more easily – thanks to the Connected Infotainment Box

Continental brings motorcycles online: At the EICMA 2022 motorcycle trade fair, which takes place in Milan from November 8-13, the technology company will present its solution for always-on connectivity of motorcycles to a broad public for the first time (Hall 9, Booth M60). The Connected Infotainment Box enables the use of digital services such as turn-by-turn navigation and stolen vehicle tracking, even without a connection to a smartphone. “Our discussions with manufacturers have confirmed the importance of a future-proof connectivity solution for motorcycles,” says Harry Krickl, Director of Sales, Motorcycles and Off-Highway in Continental’s Commercial and Special Vehicles business segment. “We’re well on the way to closing the gap between motorcycles and the internet, without having to depend on smartphones. This is the first step towards ensuring that motorcycles are ‘always-on’, that mobility on two wheels becomes really smart, and safety and ride comfort are noticeably increased.”

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Premieres, innovations, special events and test tracks are waiting for motorcycle fans

It’s the first trade fair highlight of the year for motorcycle and scooter fans from Europe and the specialised trade from all over the world: INTERMOT, the International Motorcycle, Scooter and E-Bike Fair, from 4 to 9 October 2022. Around 500 exhibiting companies and brands from around 29 countries, including many big names, will present their new and current models and product innovations to the international specialised trade and the biker community. In addition to motorcycles and scooters, the INTERMOT offering also encompasses accessories, clothing, parts, heritage and customizing, travel and workshop equipment. INTERMOT is organised by Koelnmesse GmbH, and the conceptual sponsor of the event is the German Motorcycle Industry Association (IVM), based in Essen, Germany.