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On July 1, 2021, the tire manufacturer Pirelli will increase the prices for its motorcycle tires of the Metzeler and Pirelli brands by an average of 4%.
This is justified on the basis of the increased logistics costs and raw material costs.

A second time this year. With effect from July 1st, 2021, Dunlop will reduce prices for motorcycle and scooter tires and tubes
and mousse structurally increase by 2.0 - 5.0%.

As of April 1, 2021, Dunlop will also increase prices for motorcycle tires, tubes and mousse by 7%
So if you want to ride on Dunlop motorcycle tires this season, you should order quickly this month.

Curious to discover how the brand new Battlax Sport Touring T32 scored in the UTAC Ceram – Millbrook comparative test?


Let’s say our new benchmark sport touring tyre is excellent in wet and dry conditions. A short overview:

  1. Overall best wet performance
  2. Great dry handling
  3. Best wet handling
  4. Fastest laptime in the wet


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Even in times of the pandemic, motorcycle tires from Continental are a “safe bank” for tire retailers.

In order to continue to satisfy the strong demand in the future and to be able to meet the high expectations placed in us, we will continue to use high-quality raw materials that we buy worldwide.

Continental is also affected by price increases for raw materials and logistics, so that we will have to increase prices by an average of 3.9 percent on July 1, 2021.


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At the opening event at the KymiRing, Michelin will be the main sponsor of the MotoGP ™ and MotoE ™ tires

The event, which takes place from July 9th to 11th, is the first motorcycle Grand Prix to be held on the new KymiRing and can henceforth be referred to as the Michelin® Grand Prix of Finland.

Michelin has been the official tyre supplier to the MotoGP™ class since 2016, bringing their excellence and expertise to the world’s fastest motorcycle racing Championship. Since, MotoGP™ has enjoyed one of its most competitive eras of all time as lap records are routinely broken, and it just keeps getting closer. Each of the ten closest top 15 finishes in premier class history have occurred since 2018, and the closest ever was the 2021 Grand Prix of Doha.



Many motorcyclists who use carbon rims do this, among other things, to reduce the weight of the accelerated mass.
Since the weight on the unsprung mass, i.e. on the whole bike, is important, one tries to save weight on the tires and even the brake discs.

What does a motorcycle tire weigh?

We also maintain the weight of each individual tire in our database, as we need this, among other things, to calculate the shipping costs.
The weight of motorcycle tires varies from model to model and varies between 4 to 8 or 9 kg.

Sports or racing tires are built to be particularly light, but with heavy motorcycles it is advantageous if the tires also have a little more mass.

  • DUNLOP D952 now certified for road use in four sizes
  • Update gives riders freedom to enjoy off-road action and on-road travel on the same tyre 
  • New M+S designation for DUNLOP D908 RR enables more bikes to be fitted with Dunlop’s high-durability rally-raid pattern

Two of Dunlop’s highly durable off-road tyres have been updated with new designations that are set to provide substantial benefits to leisure riders and hardcore enduro enthusiasts alike.

The Dunlop D952, a tyre designed for recreational off-road use, has received ECE R75 certification. This means it can be used legally on the road as well as on tracks, saving riders the expense and resources associated with transporting specialist equipment.

The new categorisation has been granted to four of the six sizes within the D952 range and is available from April 2021.

The road-legal specifications of this hardy tyre are 110/90-18 61M, 110/90-19 62M, 120/90-18 65M and 80/100-21 51M.

Designed to work across a wide variety of terrain, the D952 is based on a high-durability construction that promotes long wear and supreme traction. Its pattern is derived from the popular D752, while the addition of road legality further highlights its status as a perfect tyre for off-road leisure use.

Dunlop has added two new rear tire sizes to the existing DUNLOP MUTANT tire sizes, so that 140 more motorcycle models can now be equipped with the world's first crossover tire.

  • 2 new MUTANT rear tire sizes: 150/60 ZR17 and 160/60 ZR17
  • Tire approvals for more than 140 additional models
  • Unique crossover concept: performance in almost all conditions

With the new dimensions 150 / 60ZR17 and 160 / 60ZR17, drivers of supermoto such as the KTM 690 SMCR and Husqvarna 701 Supermoto can now for the first time fall back on the unique MUTANT performance. Pilots of entry-level machines as well, because the rear tire size 150 / 60ZR17 fits, among other things, on motorcycles KTM 390 RC or Kawasaki Z400. With the wider tire size 160 / 60ZR17, sporty mid-range bikes in particular can be equipped: there are tire approvals for the Honda CBR 500R, Triumph Bonneville Speed ​​Twin, Kawasaki Ninja 650 / Z650 and Versys 650 models.


An even wider range of popular scooters from manufacturers such as YAMAHA, HONDA and PIAGGIO can now be fitted with Dunlop’s versatile ScootSmart tyre which has been made available in eight new sizes.

Riders can experience ScootSmart’s advanced technologies, including a performance-orientated tread pattern derived from Dunlop’s multiple test-winning RoadSmart motorcycle tyre range.

This helps to deliver neutral handling, a speed rating to 210 km/h and high grip for all riding scenarios.
In each of its sizes, ScootSmart features a high silica content compound for improved mileage and excellent performance in both wet and dry conditions.

Dunlop plans to continue its expansion of the ScootSmart range with the addition of five new sizes in the third quarter of 2021.

Dmitri Talboom, Product Manager Dunlop Motorcycle EMEA:

“This move to expand the DUNLOP SCOOTSMART tyre range is a significant one that highlights the impressive durability and performance that this dependable all-round tyre has brought to the scooter market since its launch in 2012. ScootSmart’s versatility is reflected in the variety of the models covered by this latest range expansion with three-wheeled, electric and maxi scooters all catered for. We look forward to making further additions to the ScootSmart range later this year.”

In the two-wheeler tyre segment, the worldwide motorcycle leisure and commuting market is expected to see a 3% CAGR between 2019 and 2023. Also expressed as a baseline of 100 units in 2019, the market shrank 10% last year due to the pandemic, and is expected to rebound to 98% of 2019 levels by the end of this year. This is attributed to an expected 10% increase in the use of bicycles and scooters by 2030, according to Michelin.


In terms of passenger vehicle and motorcycle tyre trends, volume is expressed as a percentage of the 100% baseline from 2019, which is the year before the pandemic. The OE (original equipment) world market for passenger car tyres is expected to see a 0.5% compounding annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2019 to 2023, while the replacement world market is expected to record a 0.7% CAGR over the same period.

Bridgestone motorcycle tire prices rise should be between 1 - 5% by May 1st. in 2021.

In addition to the price increases already known in the tire market, there are now further increases. For example, Bridgestone had already implemented the same for its summer and all-year-round range of car / 4x4 / van tires from the Bridgestone and Firestone brands on March 1, 2021, the manufacturer's motorcycle tires will follow on May 1, 2021. Depending on the product, they should be between 1.5 and five percent more expensive "due to the increased raw material and transport costs."


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Avon Tyres and two-time Isle of Man TT race winner and former British Supersport champion Steve Plater has become brand ambassador for Avon’s motorcycle tyre range. Avon has been working closely with Plater in recent months to enhance the 3D Ultra Xtreme and 3D Ultra Xtreme Slick products. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the AVON 3D Ultra Xtreme and 3D Ultra Xtreme Slick, along with the wet-weather 3D Ultra Xtreme Rain Racer, are high-performance tyres developed with demanding track use in mind. Cooper has previously introduced brand ambassadors for particular product ranges, like Formula 1’s David Coulthard, who represented Cooper UHP tyres.

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The enormous problems with container shipping from the Far East or South America causes delivery problems up to the interruption of the supply chain, as is currently happening in the Suez Canal with a transverse container ship.

The tire industry is not spared from this either.

Since most motorcycle tires are not produced in Europe, there are already enormous delivery delays.

We therefore recommend all motorcyclists to get a suitable set of motorcycle tires in time, so that they can start the 2021 season without hesitation..

Having to ride your motorcycle from home to the trails and back requires the right dual-sport tires that are also street-legal. Dual-sport tires have to offer maximum levels of grip and balance on tarmac and off-road conditions and they must also be DOT certified. To fulfill this need, Dunlop launched a new street-legal trials tire for dual-sport and off-road riders.

Trials tires are a popular choice within the dual-sport community. The DUNLOP K950 is ideal for riders looking for maximum traction in off-road conditions, as the tires feature smaller, tightly packed symmetrical knobs for optimum traction, balance and efficiency. This type of tire is especially good in off-road sections with roots and rocks or hard-packed single tracks.

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