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Dunlop`s cruiser and chopper tire Dunlop D404 available in four new sizes.


2 new front tire sizes 100 / 90-18 56H TL and 110 / 90-18 61H TL for bikes like BMW R850 C Cruiser or Honda VF 1100 C.
2 new rear tire sizes 130 / 90-15 66H TL and 170 / 80-15 77H e.g. for Yamaha XVS 1100 Drag Star, Suzuki M800 Intruder or Triumph Speedmaster 865

This article has been updated 06.January.2020 from an earlier version.

METZELER KAROO STREET 2020 available in new sizes

front:   90/90 -21 (54H) KAROO STREET  in TT and TL
rear:   150/70 R17 (70H) KAROO STREET in TT and TL

Both pairs are for the new 2020 Honda Africa Twin
Can somebody tell us if the Africa Twin comes with tube type spoke rims !?  
Othere wise we have no explanation why Metzeler buid the same tyre in TL and in TT

On the BMW GS even the spoke rims are TL tubeless

In order to protect the tube from the spoke heads of the rim, you should check the rim tape for damage every time you mount the tire and replace it if necessary.
The rim tapes are not only available in different inch sizes, starting from 12 to 21 inches, but also in certain dimensions in different widths. 15 inches are available in 38 or 46 mm or a 16 inch even in 4 widths 23, 28, 30, 60 mm so that they fit exactly into the rim well and do not slip. For motorcycle tires, these are made almost entirely of rubber.

The new DIABLO ROSSO SCOOTER SC brings the full Pirelli racing experience to the scooter world. With special profiles, innovative compounds and a tread design derived from the DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER, Pirelli has created a new street-legal tyre optimised for track applications.
Among the main advantages of DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER SC there is the high grip guaranteed by the high-content Carbon Black compound, designed to guarantee rapid warm-up and excellent resistance to tearing. Thanks to the know-how derived from the developments of the DIABLO SUPERCORSA™ SC range, DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER SC is suitable for use in all classes of scooter competitions.

PIRELLI PHANTOM SPORTSCOMP RS is a new competition tyre also approved for road use, designed for motorcycles with eighteen-inch wheels and intended for classic sprint and endurance races.
PHANTOM SPORTSCOMP RS combines the historic tread design of the iconic PHANTOMTM SPORTSCOMP with the latest technology for high performance track tyres, and is designed for contemporary classic racing applications.
The main advantages offered to the rider are the quick warm-up and the wide range of operating temperatures that allows entry to the track even without tyre warmersPHANTOM™ SPORTSCOMP RS offers great consistency as the bike is lent over  thanks to a dual-radius profile optimised for use on older chassis; once on the racing line at full lean, the large footprint area communicates control to the front and grip to the rear tyre.

For 2020 Pirelli announces numerous innovations in the racing range, enriching it with new products and expanding the choice of sizes and compounds of many  tyres. Pirelli has always been at the forefront of research and technological development in the racing environment thanks to its decades of commitment in the FIM Superbike World Championship. The main news for next year in the segment of racing tyres for production based motorcycles, in all classes of the Championship, is the use of DIABLO SUPERBIKE slick tyres.

For the premier class, in 2020 the Italian brand proposes this product in new increased sizes that allow further improvements in terms of handling and top performance, contributing to the continuous reduction of lap times. New compounds with a wider range of uses also better respond, in terms of versatility and conditions of use, to the needs of professionals as well as track-day enthusiasts.

For the street-legal DIABLO SUPERCORSA SC range, now available in a new SC3 compound which allows top performance over multiple sessions in an extraordinarily wide spectrum of track characteristics and operating temperatures, in line with the new DIABLO SUPERBIKE SC3 version.


  • New advanced sizes 125/70 R 17 and 200/65 R 17 developed for the SBK class and a new advanced size 190/60 R 17 developed for the SSP600 class; 
  • New sizes 110/70 R 17 e 140/70 R 17 developed for the SSP300 class; 
  • New SCX compound, available in the rear size 200/65 R 17; 
  • New SC3 compound, availablein a wide selection of front and rear sizes;


  • New SC3 compound, available in a wide selection of front and rear sizes;

The 2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin is comprehensively redrawn with an aggressive, compact rally style and concentrated off-road focus. Meanwhile, the touring comfort, technology and all-round capability of the new CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports are significantly enhanced – with the added option of Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment (Showa EERA).

To make puncture repair easier when on tour the 21/18-inch front and rear (stainless steel) spoked wheels wear tubeless Bridgestone Battlax Adventurecross Tourer AX41T or Metzeler Karoo Street tyres, sized 90/90-21M/C 54H and 150/70R18 M/C 70H. Block pattern tyres (Continental 90/90-21M/C 54S and 150/70B 18M/C 70Q are also approved for fitment.

About the tires: In contrast to the unfortunate Dunlop OE tires of the 2016 model, the Honda Africa Twin CRF 1100 / 2020 model, are now rolling on the new Bridgestone AX41T, and it harmonises wonderfully with the motorcycle. Neutral, without tipping over, lots of grip, feeling even when wet.

The Metzeler Karoo Street is also homologated.

New Compound available for the Heidenau K60 Scout CC in the USA

January 2020 Heidenau will introduce a new compound for the K60 Scout 150/70 B17, the Cold Climate compound (CC).

This CC tire will be offered alongside the normal K60 Scout, and not replacing it. Gaining a reputation as the tire of choice among world travelers and weekend warriors, The K60 Scout is known for dependability and longevity; but some have not always been satisfied with the traction in cold, wet conditions. Specifically, the 150/70 B 17. To address this Heidenau has created a compound formulated to deliver similar performance in colder conditions. Warm weather riders might see a reduction in mileage compared to what they are used to with a Scout in return for an increase in street traction. Colder climates will find a great tire that preforms dependably wet or dry and delivers the value and performance they expect.
The same sturdy belted construction has been used, ensuring the dependable performance off-road riders expect. The change has been made to the tread compound only making for better adhesion in wet conditions. It is possible some riders might see a reduction in mileage of about 10%. Pricing will be the same as the current K 60 Scout.

The 26th METZELER Classic calendar celebrates the two-wheeled racing world with black and white images dedicated to the world of extreme enduro

The 2020 METZELER CALENDAR will deliver a united theme in its two versions: the ‘Classic’ variation, now in its 26th edition will feature historical black and white shots of two-wheeled competitions, and the version called "METZELER EXTREME" that is dedicated to the extreme enduro world where the German tire brand can boast a decades-long success story.

Seven Pirelli motorcycle tyres were selected by some of the most prestigious motorcycle manufacturers as original equipment for their most exciting new models that will be available in dealerships in the New Year

Pirelli is again confirmed as the first and natural choice of many motorcycle manufacturers, selecting tyres from the Italian brand as original equipment for their upcoming new models of 2020.
The range of seven tyres were chosen to equip thirty-four new models from nine different motorcycle manufacturers: Ducati, MV Agusta, Aprilia, Kawasaki, Triumph, Indian Motorcycle and the electric Energica Motor Company, Zero Motorcycles and Tacita.

From 2020, the Dunlop Sportsmart TT will also be available in the tire sizes for Adventure Motorcycles (BMW GS / KTM etc.) in 120/70 ZR19 and 170/60 ZR17.

That's what Metzeler tried with the M7 RR this year. The tire was taken out of the program after a short time and is no longer produced.

Of course there are bikers who really want to pull the gas cock with a GS, but if you have to put on a super sports tire, we question them. Since the rest of the time you have to accept all the disadvantages of a super athlete.

Getting such a tire up to operating temperature is not always that easy.

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new just arrived in 120/70 ZR17 and 180/55 ZR17 ...... the NEW - Metzeler Sportec M9 RR

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Michelin Anakee Adventure new size 2020

100/90 -19 (57V) ANAKEE ADVENTURE


Avon Tyres has launched its eagerly-anticipated AVON ROADRIDER MKII sport touring motorcycle tyre, whichbrings several design and performance improvements over its predecessor.

Key benefits of the Avon Roadrider MKII include better grip in wet and dry conditions, reduced wear and shorter braking distances. Wet testing indicates a sizeable improvement in stopping distance compared to the Avon Roadrider.

By introducing an updated sport touring tyre, Avon Tyres is aiming to cement its position as a leading player in the market. In fact, its Roadrider tyre is factory fitted to Royal Enfield’s 350cc bikes.

Overall, the Roadrider MKII is available in 31 sizes and 37 specifications, covering H and V speed ratings and universal options. In addition to the expanded size offering, a classic tread and sidewall appearance makes the tyre suitable for bikes of all ages.

Although the MICHELIN Power Cup 2 is essentially designed for track use, it is also type-approved for road use. So it is mounted on the new KTM 890 DUKE R as OE original equipment tire.

Like the entire new Power product line, the new Power Cup² features the identical carcass as the Power 5 of the Power GP and even the Power Slick².

It offers fast lap times over both a single lap and multiple laps.


  • MICHELIN 2CT technology (front tire) and MICHELIN 2CT + technology (rear tire) as well as a blend designed primarily for on-track performance.
  • Negative proportion of four and five per cent for the front and rear tires permitting type-approval for road traffic
  • Side walls with Michelin Premium Touch technology.

From 2020 available in a front 120/70 and 3 rear tire sizes. 180/55, 190/55, 200/55.

METZELER RACETEC™ TD Slick joins the range of METZELER racing slick tyres, dedicated to riders and club racers for competition and training use.

RACETEC™ TD Slick is a slick tyre for the track that is quick and easy to use. It can also be used without tyre warmers and does not require any special bike set-up to offer optimal performance. The key features of the RACETEC™ TD Slick include optimal performance, uniformity of yield even after several sessions, versatility for different track surfaces and operating temperatures, high resistance to abrasion and the option to reverse the direction of rotation of the rear tyres between sessions if the circuit configuration generates more wear on one side.

RACETEC™ TD Slick has been designed for riders that want the advantages of a slick product but without the need for additional racing equipment (stands, tyre warmers, generators, etc.) or a highly tuned bike set-up and suspension, as are normally needed with slick racing tyres.

RACETEC™ TD Slick is therefore aimed at all riders who do not want to go without slick tyres on the track, at expert riders who want a plug-and-play product for long free sessions, and at club riders who need a tyre with endurance mileage and an excellent quality/price ratio that allows them to focus on improving lap times for the whole race weekend.
The new tyre will be available in four sizes at 17 inches: 120/70 front and 180/55, 190/55 and 200/55 rear.

Dunlop introduces 2020 the new Mutant, an extremely powerful and incredibly versatile high-performance tire. The mutant follows a novel crossover approach and does not have much in common with the Supermoto tire Sportmax Mutant * introduced in 2006. By the beginning of 2020, the crossover tire will inspire riders of more than 370 motorcycles. The possible applications are as varied as the tire options.

The new DUNLOP MUTANT incorporates many years of development expertise in racing, hypersport and sport touring. The highest level of wet performance features are provided by technologies adopted from Dunlop's rain race tires KR191 / KR393, used for example in the World Endurance Championship (EWC) and the Moto2 World Championship. Features of Dunlop's Hypersport SportSmart TT were used to provide excellent and very sporty handling even on dry roads. Last but not least, RoadSmart III's experience in the sport touring segment ensures a particularly long service life of the 2-component rubber compound (multi-tread) used.

The new rear MICHELIN Enduro Xtrem is the result of three years’ research and development work and stands out through the exceptional grip it provides, even on the most challenging surfaces. Resistance to wear was another key consideration in the brief for this new tyre which seeks to give competitors the very best chance of success.

The MICHELIN Enduro Xtrem is used by numerous teams, including Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing whose riders include Graham Jarvis.

Proponents of extreme enduro fixtures like the Erzberg Rodeo, Romaniacs and Getzen Rodeo are familiar with the punishing conditions riders have come to expect at venues that range from quarries to mountains and unbelievably steep slopes, where grip and traction are more often than not at a premium.


MICHELIN City Grip 2 - When it comes to tyres, the priorities listed by everyday users of small and bigger-engined scooters are safety, grip on all types of road at all times, reliability and longevity.

Michelin’s response to these demands was the MICHELIN City Grip which proved a big hit with customers, with sales over the period from 2010 to 2018 soaring to eight million units.
In today’s rapidly expanding global market, notably in cities and other built-up areas, the demands expressed by scooter owners have become even more exacting. To address this, Michelin has optimised its offering with the development of the MICHELIN City Grip 2.

Being able to count on a tyre that they can use whatever the season clearly facilitates customer choice, while the availability of a long list of sizes covering not only small-engined models but also maxi- and electric scooters further helps to cover consumers’ varied needs.

The MICHELIN City Grip 2 is designed to address the demands of modern scooter owners, including high grip performance on all the types of road they may come across in and around towns and cities. To achieve this, engineers working out of Michelin’s Technology Centre conceived an innovative compound which features specific materials, including silica. Along with the tyre’s new ‘shark’s tooth’ tread pattern design, it provides unprecedented grip performance in wet weather, with no detriment to the acclaimed longevity associated with Michelin tyres, like it’s predecessor the MICHELIN City Grip.

As of next year 2020, MICHELIN POWER 5 will also be in its fifth generation.

At the EICMA 2019, Michelin will be launching a whole new range of products, and we will be reporting on each one.
Michelin Power 5 / Michelin Power GP / Michelin Power Cup² / Michelin Slick².

In this order is also the field of application of this sport / supersport motorcycle tire from road to race track.
So - the Power 5 for road and the slick for the racetrack.
In between, then would be the Power GP for occasional race track use and the Power Cup² which should only occasionally on the road, but it may.

The profile designs of the power line are now all pretty much the same, but they differ significantly in the negative part, the carcass and the rubber compound. The carcass is identical on all four new power motorcycle tires.

So the Power 5 has a profile with only 11% negative proportion.
The rubber compound contains silica and carbon black as well as the well-known 2CT technology on the front tire and MICHELIN 2CT + technology on the rear tire.