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PIRELLI DIABLO ROSSO SCOOTER in new size available

120/70 R17 (58H)  TL FRONT  - 2019


PIRELLI DIABLO ROSSO III in new size available.

240/45 ZR17 (82W)

Comes with the Ducati Diavel


200/60 ZR17 (80W)

Pirelli Angel CiTy now available in :

2.50 -17 (43) ANGEL CITY

2.75 -17 (47P) ANGEL CITY

Pirelli Tire North America will introduce two new sizes of its DIABLO SUPERBIKE tyre lineup, geared specifically toward entry-level sportbikes. The new tires will be available in 110/70-17 front and140/70-17 rear sizes and reaffirms Pirelli’s commitment to racing and the growing popularity of smaller sportbike racing classes.

SC1 Compound Will be Available in 110/70-17 Front and 140/70-17 Rear Sizes

The new sizing options will be available in Pirelli’s SC1 compound. The front tire has been designed for improved handling and grip, while the rear will continue to have the same feel as the current race-proven DIABLO™ Supercorsa tires that have been winning races and setting records across the United States.  

Compound updates with the introduction of the new SCX and larger sizes for the DIABLO SUPERBIKE slicks: innovative rear tread pattern and two different compounds for the DIABLO Rain tyre.

The new technical solutions, produced from constant development work, will beused by WorldSBK and National Championship riders and, in line with Pirelli’s philosophy towards two-wheeled racing, will be available for purchase by all motorcycle riders.

Pirelli, upon completion of intense and constant development work which started in 2017 and continued throughout 2018, is pleased to introduce the new 2019 DIABLO™ range of tyres in compounds intended for track use to racers and motorcyclists all over the world.
The goal that guided this development, which has resulted in the new solutions, was to increase consistent performance and, especially for the rear, ‘mechanical resistance’.

The DIABLO Supercorsa SC V3, a tyre launched in 2007, is now in its third generation V3 and has been completely redesigned in terms of structure, profiles, tread pattern and compounds based on a more consistent performance.

The Pirelli DIABLO Supercorsa SC V3 tyres are grooved solutions intended for track use and dedicated to professional and amateur riders, as well as sport users seeking top spec performance on the track.
These tyres are also available in various compounds in order to take on the different types of asphalt and weather conditions that can be found on circuits all over the world but, unlike the DIABLO™ Superbike tyres, no SCX or SC3 compound is available.


front   120/70 R17 (78V) KAROO STREET
rear    130/80 R17 (65V) KAROO STREET
         140/80 R17 (69V) KAROO STREET
         180/55 R17 (73V) KAROO STREET

MICHELIN TPMS – Bike detects a tyre in distress through loss of pressure, fast leakage or an increase in temperature – often the sign of an impending blowout. Its compact display flashes as brightly as a mobile phone torch if it detects an issue, plus identifies whether it is the front or rear tyre affected.

Advantages of the MICHELIN TYRE PRESSURE Monitoring SYSTEM-bike

  1. The system can be fitted in a few minutes due to auto pairing, auto calibration and no programming.
  2. Correct tyre pressure increases tyre life and improves safety.
  3. Optimize your fuel consumption and save money by managing your tyre pressure.
  4. The LCD display shows all information and warnings.
  5. Charges via USB port.

Air is an integral part of the structure of your wheel-tyre unit. Ensuring that your tyre is inflated to the correct pressure is key if you want them to give both optimum performance and durability when you’re out riding.

What is the right tyre pressure for my motorcycle?

  • On average, road motorcycles run at 32,63 - 36,26 psi in the front tire and 36,26 - 42,06 in the rear tire
  • Smaller bikes 24,66 - 30,46 in the order tire and 26,11 - 33,36 psi in the rear tire.

The motorcycle manufacturer recommends a tyre pressure (to be taken from the vehicle documents / operating instructions) which must always be observed. This applies to the tyres with which the motorcycle was delivered.

Tire manufacturers sometimes deviate slightly from this. Since motorcycle tires are constructed differently, such as. different stiff carcass or carrying capacity, they also tolerate a different air pressure. The tire manufacturers test the latest tires on the motorcycle, or pass on the optimal duck for your tire based on experience. Over the years, it may well be that the recommendations of the tire manufacturer are much more accurate than what the motorcycle manufacturer recommended a few decades ago.

Recently, we also maintain the recommended air pressures in our myNETmoto / database. You can choose your bike to find the recommended tires and air pressure.

How often should you check the air pressure on a motorcycle tire?

  • At least every 2 weeks you should check the tire pressure.

Unless the motorcycle has a TPMS motorcycle tire pressure monitoring system
These systems are only prescribed for cars and not for motorcycles, although the right tire pressure is much more important here than in the car.
It decides about life and death who, due to the wrong pressure, slips away and lands in the next ditch.

It is up to everyone, but we strongly recommend getting a TPMS.

The tyre for power cruisers, customs and tourers, delivers improved handling on both older and modern machines, giving great grip also in wet conditions and class leading stability, is showcased in the METZELER exhibition area set up in booth 14i / Hall 4 at the Verona fair.

METZELER CRUISETEC, the new tyre for power cruisers, customs and tourers that METZELER unveiled at the end of 2018 at the German CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW, is the highlight of the exhibition area set up by the German tyre brand in booth 14i / Hall 4 at MOTOR BIKE EXPO, the motorcycle fair which opened its doors yesterday in Verona and will continue until 20 January 2019.

With the new CRUISETEC™METZELER intends to offer motorcyclists of this sector a more performance-oriented tyre than the segment's offer to date. CRUISETEC has been developed to take advantage of the full performance potential of both the latest models and the most dated bikes. Key is the high level of grip even in wet conditions, the ability to give the bike revolutionary handling in the segment, performance consistency for the tyre’s lifespan and structural characteristics giving riding pleasure, thanks to its stability and precision.
CRUISETEC presents revolutionary solutions in the field of power cruiser, custom and tourer motorbike tyres in terms of tread design, compounds, profiles and structure.
In short, a tyre able to get the best out of yesterday’s and today’s motorcycles, giving the tagline "Performance Perfected" which accompanies the product.

METZELER Tire North America is pleased to announce that it will serve as an official sponsor of the 47th annual BMW MOA International Rally that is scheduled for June 13-15, 2019, in Lebanon, Tennessee. The James E. Ward Agricultural and Community Center / Wilson County Exposition Center will serve as the host venue in the southeast and marks the beginning of a new three-zone rally rotation that will see the rally moved each year between the Eastern, Western, and Central United States.

New size for the Continental ContiTrack for 2019 - rear -

200/55 R17 MEDIUM
200/55 R17 SOFT



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Alongside the METZELER Classic calendar, now in its 25th edition and celebrating with black and white shots of two wheel competition between the 60’s and 70’s, there is the thematic one entitled "Ways of cruising"

The METZELER brand is pleased to present the 2019 METZELER CALENDAR that, as per tradition, presents two versions. The Classic one, now in its 25th year, is celebrating two-wheeled competition between the 60’s and 70’s with black and white shots. The thematic one is entitled "WAYS OF CRUISING" and is dedicated to the custom cruiser world; a world which the German tire brand has always had a strong presence. 2019 will also see the debut of the new CRUISETEC™, a Custom Touring tire that optimizes the performance of V-Twins.

Dunlop Roadsport 2 new 2019


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Continental CONTITOUR is available in new size Q1/2019

130/60 B19 (61H)
120/70 B21 (68V)
130/60 B21 (63H)

160/70 B17 (79V)
180/55 B18 (80H)

Alphanumeric motorcycle tire size


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METZELER CRUISETEC - The German brand expands its tyre portfolio for V-Twins with a new tyre providing consistent performance, upgrading the handling of older and current machines and offering stability and excellent grip, even in wet conditions.

During the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW fair that opened its doors today in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, METZELER has unveiled the new CRUISETEC™, the Custom Touring tyre designed to optimise the performance of modern and past V-Twinsand intended for motorcyclists who want to get the most out of their motorcycles in terms of handling and grip.

With the new CRUISETEC, METZELER extends its successful V-Twin range towards performance-oriented use. This tyre upgrades the handling of current and older motorcycles, featuring remarkable grip even in wet conditions, ground-breaking performance consistency and innovative stability features. CRUISETEC features ground-breaking specifications for tread pattern, compound recipe, and carcass specifications in the production of tyres for V-Twin motorcycles.