What are the recommended tyres for my TRIUMPH SPEEDMASTER / 908ML


Price: 177.28 GBP - 200.37 GBP

Technical Specifications:

Front Tyre 110/80 -18 58H
tyre pressure bar (front solo)
Rear Tyre 170/80 -15 77H
tyre pressure bar (rear solo)

Which tyre size / brand is the best recommended for your motorcycle?

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Find the recommended OE (Original Tyre Equipment) or replacement motorcycle tyres, and the optimal tyre pressure for your bike in our database !! On the road, it’s essential to use the tyre pressures recommended by the manufacturer of your motorbike or the tyre producer.
You’ll find it in the bike’s handbook, or on the machine itself. The inflation pressure stated in these documents is the pressure when the tyres are cold.
1 bar = 14,5038 psi

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ME 888

Metzeler ME888 Ultra high mileage coupled with Metzeler performance and handling.Specifically designed for Custom Touring bikes.Technology offering consistent performance throughout the tire’s life.Outstanding high and low speed stability and [...]

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United Kingdom 16.03.2018

I recently installed my second ME888 Marathon Ultra on my 2013 Triumph Speedmaster. The ME880 Marathon tires were stock on my bike from Triumph, so I elected to move up to the 888 when it was time to replace my rear tire last year (the Stock 880’s lasted over 18k on the rear, 26k on the front). After 9,000 km of , my first ME888 (rear) was ready for a change. The mileage alone speaks for itself; if you live somewhere that the roads aren’t so flat, I imagine you could get over 10km out of a rear tire. Mind you, my Triumph is only 550 lbs., I imagine that plays a role. I’ve read several reviews where guys have complained about the handling in wet conditions; from my experience I think that has a lot to do with comfort, taste, and throttle discipline. I have experienced the rear tire breaking loose in the rain; more often than not because I got on the throttle too soon when exiting a curve. I’m currently on my first ME888 on the front (5.800 km… still ticking), and my second on the Rear, I would undoubtedly buy these tyres again.

G 702

170/80 -15 TT (77H) G 702


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MT 66

PIRELLI MT 66 RUOTE - has a "custom-style" tread pattern - high mileage performance thanks to a tread cut profile (7-8 mm depending on size) and good wet riding characteristics.Low tire weight and increased comfort. The carcass materials [...]

110/80 - 18 M/C TL 58H SPORT DEMON FRONT
Some of the following pairs are possible, but maybe not explicit recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer for this motorcycle.
It is your own responsibility if you choose one of the following tyre fitting!
Seven Pirelli motorcycle tyres were selected by some of the most prestigious motorcycle manufacturers as original equipment for their most exciting (...)

Extra-Kick for METZELER: the Sportec M7 RR now available for big Enduros

Extra-Kick for METZELER: the Sportec M7 RR now available for big Enduros
British-based Avon Tyres has extended its Cobra motorcycle tyre range, introducing four new sizes to suit the latest Harley-Davidson Big Twin model (...)

MITAS E-07 - BMW 1200 GS

MITAS E-07 - BMW 1200 GS